Director Biography – Michael Davis (HINDSIGHT)

Michael Davis is a filmmaker from California. Michael has loved film since he was a small child and in 2008 he made his first wide release short film. Since, Michael has worked on numerous other shorts and three feature films. Michael has experience with writing, producing, directing, production design, cinematography, special effects, editing, sound design,… Continue reading Director Biography – Michael Davis (HINDSIGHT)

Short Film: HINDIGHT, 6min, USA, Romance/Thriller

A tragic love story of lust, betrayal, and murder told in reverse. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram News & Reviews “IMDb” Website Link “Hindsight PRIVATE LINK” Web Link | Optional Viewing “Hindsight *Review” The Monthly Film Festival “Hindsight *Review” Feel The Reel International Film Festival “Hindsight *Review” IndyRed