AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: BEST FILM: LE COUP BEST PERFORMERS: LIT BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: FLORENCE BEST SOUND & MUSIC: THE TRANSACTION Theme of night: Unique Courtships NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private. Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: EPHEMERA, 20min., USA, Drama JILBAB, 4min., USA, Bahrain, Drama/Family LE… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: June 2020 ROMANCE FEEDBACK Film Festival

Romance Festival Testimonial – June 8 2020

Screenwriter Alice L. Lee (Purgatory: A Love Story) I had submitted my film “The Good Boy” to WILDSound Film Festival and had a really great experience. I loved hearing what people had to say about the film. “the good boy” swept all the categories! Romance Film and Screenplay Festival was started by the same people who… Continue reading Romance Festival Testimonial – June 8 2020

Director Biography – Sarah Schuessler (LIT)

This is Sarah Schuessler’s first credit as a narrative film director, though in college she created a number of non-fiction pieces through NYU’s documentary filmmaking program in Paris. She also produced her own fictional stage work through the student-run company Brand New Theatre, for which she was artistic director. Since earning a B.A. in theatre… Continue reading Director Biography – Sarah Schuessler (LIT)

Director Biography – Emanuele Daga (FLORENCE)

Emanuele Daga is an italian film director and a recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory. His passion for humanistic studies has inspired him to dig deep into the human condition and highlight the importance of love, surrender and acceptance in life. He has directed more than a dozen short movies, among which “Una… Continue reading Director Biography – Emanuele Daga (FLORENCE)

Director Biography – Matthieu VINEL (THE TRANSACTION)

Matthieu Vinel grew up in Lorraine in the east of France, a region marked by the steel crisis. Early on he discovered a passion for the seventh art and devoured the film selection at his local library – Wilder, Clouzot, Murnau, Walsh, Renoir, Hitchcock, Füller, Kazan, Mann, Kurosawa, Clayton, Spielberg, Polanski…In parallel he cultivated his… Continue reading Director Biography – Matthieu VINEL (THE TRANSACTION)

Short Film: THE TRANSACTION 3min., France, Romance

In the heart of the Ardèche mountains, an elegant young man drives a 1965 Triumph TR4. On the winding road, he’s having a great time. He looks great behind the wheel of the gleaming car! That’s what this beautiful hitchhiker, picked up on the road, thinks… Project Links  Facebook

Romance Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

Filmmaker Marc SAEZ (FOLLOW THE ARROW) I loved your feedback because what the audience said is exactly what I wanted to achieve by making this film. Dragging them into my universe and surprising them, leaving open tracks, although all the answers are distorted in the film everywhere. The challenge was to tell this story and make… Continue reading Romance Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

ROMANCE Festival Testimonial – April 23 2020

Brenden Dannaher I was fortunate enough to have my film selected for this festival. The filmed audience feedback is presented extremely professionally and will be great for promoting my film, and Matthew and the team do a fantastic job promoting the films and filmmakers that have been selected. I couldn’t be happier with the timing… Continue reading ROMANCE Festival Testimonial – April 23 2020