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ROMANCE 1st Scenes Screenplay Reading of HEDY, by Natalie Alison

After her husband’s disappearance in Russia during World War II, Hedy needs to fight for her own survival and the well-being of her children in bombed-out Vienna. CAST LIST: Narrator: Allison Kampf Paula (F): Julie Sheppard Hedy (F): Cassandra Guthrie … Continue reading

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Watch Romance Feature Film Table Reading: THREE PLAY by John-Arthur Ingram

Oliver, a neurotic who’s hopelessly in love with his best friend Blake, finally comes out to both his shameless girlfriend, Silvia, and Blake. This revelation backfires when Oliver discovers Silvia and Blake are in madly in love. As a final act of desperation, Oliver magically switches bodies with Silvia days before her wedding to Blake. Continue reading

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