Director Biography – Sarah Schuessler (LIT)

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This is Sarah Schuessler’s first credit as a narrative film director, though in college she created a number of non-fiction pieces through NYU’s documentary filmmaking program in Paris. She also produced her own fictional stage work through the student-run company Brand New Theatre, for which she was artistic director. Since earning a B.A. in theatre from USC and an M.F.A. in costume design from UCLA, she has remained working in Los Angeles. Her body of work spans from motion picture costuming, television and commercial design/styling, to original costume designs for theater and opera. Favorite film and television credits include set costuming for HBO’s The Newsroom and Damien Chazelle’s La La Land; and key costuming for HBO’s Togetherness, Starz’s Vida, FreeForm’s Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, and 50 Shades Darker.

Director Statement

I’ve been directing my sister since we were kids, but this is the first time we’ve made it official. We grew up reading and performing scenes from a book many young theatre kids had– Scenes for Young Actors. I wanted this tiny film to have that feel: a curated, concise set up with just the fun, juicy bits to bite into. This short is about the chemistry between two friends, and how the most minor changes in someone’s actions can shift an entire evening. Scenes for Young Actors first introduced me to so many great plays, in the same way I hope this short makes you want to see the rest of the series we aim to film some day.

Please enjoy this lil rom-com we created with our LA family (my sister, my cousin, my partner, and his brother). I’m proud of it, and I love them all.

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