Director Biography – Johanna Pyykkö (THE MANILA LOVER)

Johanna Pyykkö is a director & screenwriter from a Swedish-Finnish minority-group and her nationality is Swedish. She is now based in Oslo, Norway.
She has a bachelor’s degree in film directing from The Norwegian Film School (2016). She’s made several award-winning shorts, worked as Joachim Trier’s director’s assistant and been an episode director (ep. 7) on “Nach” (Discovery) and writer for several TV-series including critically acclaimed “Home Ground”. Her debut feature “Ebba” was part of TIFF Filmmaker Lab in Toronto (2019) and her short “The Manila Lover” screened at the 58th Semaine de la Critique, in Cannes (2019) and in 42nd Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (2020), and won Norwegian Amanda Academy Award for Best Short (2020)

Director Statement

For a short time, I was working in the fashion industry in Scandinavia, where I met a woman from the Philippines. She told me about white, Nordic men approaching her, thinking she was “poor and easy”. I was stunned. It was so strange to me that these men could not see this Filipinas real persona. Being from a working class background myself, I’ve met many white, Nordic med who think they can travel to the Philippines and find love, just because they are Nordic men. I’ve also seen that these men, although with prejudiced assumptions, have an emotional and sensual side to them at the same time. I’ve never seen the complexity of this shown in a film before, and I wanted my short to reflect upon all of this.

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