Director Biography – Brenden Dannaher (A QUICK LOVE STORY)

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Short Version

Brenden has won awards for writing and directing comedy, drama and documentary films. He has lots of experience, having worked at SBS-TV for 14 years, and small production house Classroom Video for 6 years before that. He has a BA (Mass Comm.) from Macquarie University. He has several feature film scripts currently in development.

Long Version

Working as a subtitle editor for over a decade at Australia’s national multicultural television station SBS has given Brenden Dannaher a great opportunity to watch and study films and TV shows from all over the world. He has worked on hard-hitting documentaries, some of the best Scandi Noir such as “The Killing” and “The Eagle” and over 200 episodes of the Chinese dating show “If You Are the One” (非诚勿扰).

Brenden completed a BA (Mass Communication – Film) at Macquarie University, where he directed “Under the Glass”, which was awarded Best Documentary at the National Student Film and Video Festival. “Eloise”, a low-budget feature film that he wrote and directed was awarded the Jury Prize at AusFest.

Brenden has also written, produced and directed 35 educational videos for Classroom Video. He lives in western Sydney with his wife and son.

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