Director Biography – Steve Anderson (THE SECRET LIVES OF TEACHERS)

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Steve Anderson is an award-winning independent filmmaker, who began his career as an actor. He earned his MFA in Acting from the prestigious Professional Theatre Training Program at Brandeis University in 1991, where he received a full-tuition scholarship and teaching assistantship. While in grad school, he taught undergraduate Movement for the Performer. From there he expanded into coaching and directing.

Steve’s feature, LUCKY U RANCH, was an official selection of the Phoenix Film Festival and is currently in the process of distribution. He’s currently in development on his second independent feature, JACKSON & DELILAH, which may go into production near the end of 2018

Steve was nominated twice and was a finalist for the Barry E. Wallace Citizenship Award at Filmstock Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ.


Director Statement



When I read Judith Eisenberg and Aaron Seever’s cute quirky little script about two high school teachers falling in love through their shared passion for Civil War authenticity, I laughed a lot but I also found myself completely enamored by Muriel and Edwin who because of this unique passion, feel alone in the world.  The fact that they find each other, against all odds, is magical.   I began seeing them as two lonely former high school history nerds who find a rare and deep human connection.  For them, they are their most authentic selves when in fantasy mode, such attending a costumed Civil War Ball.   Then the question arose, “How do we keep the comedy and honestly express the depth of their feelings, and allow them to slip fully into fantasy where their love has the best chance of flourishing?”  We did this by utilizing two styles.  We begin as a “quirky comedy” and then transition into an earthy, grounded form of realism using a textured visual style as their fantasy is fulfilled.  I hope you’ll view THE SECRET LIVES OF TEACHERS to find out what, precisely, that fantasy is.  And I hope this film will inspire audiences to open their quirky loving hearts.

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