Director Biography – Mahée Merica (A SIGN)

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Mahée Merica is a young French Screenwriter and Director. She grew up in France where she used to be a member of the French National Fencing Team U-17 before moving to Montréal, Canada for her studies at McGill University in Fall 2013. There, she obtained a degree in Arts, (Major: Cultural Studies, Minors: Political Sciences and Sociology). Mahée has always been writing stories, but she only started to write scenarios and shoot movies during her second year university in 2015. From then on, she never stopped writing and shooting short films with the limited means she had at her disposal. Passionate about movies, she often writes, directs and edits her shorts and shoots them for almost not money with some friends of hers. UN SIGNE is her 2nd short film and has been selected to multiple festivals. A few months after shooting it, Mahée has been selected to direct a short film in less than a week during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The final result, Memory has been screened at Cannes and won the Creative Minds Award for Best Screenplay and the Creative Minds Award for Best Editing. Mahée is very adventurous, curious and creative and never hesitates to take the challenges the cinematic industry offers her. She worked as a first Assistant Director on a feature film produced in Montréal for a year, and is currently completing her Master in Filmmaking at the London Film School.


Director Statement


A Film Made in 3 Days!

For her first comedy, the director, Mahée Merica took the challenge to write, shoot and edit the film herself in less than three days. Filmed for basically 10 dollars and with amateur actors, UN SIGNE has been very fun to make, and hopefully is fun to watch!

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