Screenplay Festival: April 26, 2018 Event

WILDsound Festival

A showcase of the best TV PILOTS, shorts, and 1st scene screenplays from around the world today:

FULL CAST LIST:Rais Moui, Tim Paul McCarthy, Lara Amersey, Alicia Payne, Scott McCulloch, Hugh Ritchie, Georgia Grant, Jane Smythe


Genre: Comedy

This sitcom web series pilot features five quirky diverse millennials who work remotely for an international tech corporation. They struggle with online meetings, living on the road, and working from “wherever.” Each lone wolf must cooperate with the others, or everyone will be fired. Meanwhile, none of these independent co-dependents has a personal life that is even remotely working. (Single-camera TV-14)


Anna: Alicia Payne
Nav: Tim Paul McCarthy
Akihiro: Scott McCulloch
Narrator: Hugh Ritchie
Phil: Rais Moui
Kate: Jane Smythe
Chloe: Lara Amersey

TV PILOT SCI-FI – GALAPAGOS, by by Lukas Hassel


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By festivalforromance

Festival driven to showcase the best of romance films and screenplays from around the world. Submit your romance genre screenplay or short film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival

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