ROMANCE Feature Film of the Day: DESTINIES, by Mario Cardarelli


Written by: Mario Cardarelli, with cooperating Andrea Mariani

Genre: Action War and Romance

Type: Feature Screenplay/Short Story

Logline: The fate and love of a man and a woman whose lives are bound yet separate at same time, and who share both youth and maturity. The first war in Somalia, ‘Restore Hope’ in 1993, and covert operations ‘TAS’ (Tana African Strike) then, Kenya and Somalia 2010 will re unit the protagonists in Africa. They will be involved in American and British special forces attempt to capture the most dangerous fundamentalist leader of islamization of the Horn of Africa,who turns out to be a childhood friend of both. A surprise ending drops ‘the masks’ and opens hearts to the hope of new horizons in a continent torn apart by the plight of refugees from a bloody war.

Copyright Office No.Reg TXu 1-810-675 May 14, 2012

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