FEEDBACK TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL – Highlights from the Thursday September 20 2016 event.

WILDsound Festival


Every film showcased on the night was about characters dealing with another reality besides our own.

This was a fantastic lineup of Sci-Fi short films. I can’t remember a better lineup of films geared towards a specific genre that was better than this one. These shorts were so solid, they could have all easily played at any major festival in and around the world (and some of them have!). They were more than simply being a Sci-Fi film.

These were films that simply told an emotional tale of real human beings dealing with the circumstances and conflicts in their path. The setting just happened to be in the Science Fiction genre.

This was also the first time in over 50 festivals that one film (Uncanny Valley) swept all of the festival awards. “Uncanny Valley” is just a…

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