WILDsound Announces its 1st Scene Screenplay Winners for July 2016

WILDsound Festival

Watch the 3 winning 1st Scene Screenplay for July 2016.

1st SCENE Screenplay – SENIOR PRANK
July 2016 Reading
Written by Shiv Sudhakar



Genre: Comedy

A group of cunning high school seniors must outwit their principal in order to pull off the ultimate senior class prank.


AL – Dan Cristofori
CARL – David Occhipinti
FRAN – Viktoria Napolenova
ALFRED – Michael Gaty
GUS – Mark Boutros

1st SCENE Screenplay – NINE SCARS
July 2016 Reading
Written by Kelly Crawford



Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

A teen romance thriller that takes place in a world in which everyone has nine lives. In this world of nine lives, an aspiring football player must risk all of his lives to rescue his girlfriend from the ruthless leader of a gambling syndicate who’s trying to fix the college football championship game.



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