For Poets & Lovers: Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world:

WILDsound Festival

Read the best of NEW Poetry from around the world:

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Family Destruction, Poetry by Barbara Hunt

A TERRIFYING NIGHT, by Aditya Agrawal
A Terrifying Night, Poetry by Aditya Agrawal

THE MASTER, by Pete Stones
The Master, Poetry by Pete Stones

Locking up the love, Poetry by Kaushik Roy

WISH YOU WERE HERE, by Rajat Agrawal
Wish You Were Here, Poetry by Rajat Agrawal

MY DERISION, by Kira Rice
My Derision, Poetry by Kira Rice

EASTER MONDAY, by May E. Latela
Easter Monday, Poetry by Mary E. Latela

WORDS, by Dillen George
WORDS, Poetry by Dillen George

THE GOSSIPING TREE, by Darren Finlinson
THE GOSSIPING TREE, Poetry by Darren Finlinson

THE TART, N.B. Mpila
The Tart, Poetry by N.B. Mpila

EVAPORATE, Tina Shields Kerr
Evaporate, Poetry by Tina Shields-Kerr

ODE TO THE WRITE, by Siza Sibiya
Ode to the Writer, Poetry by Siza Sibiya

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