Short Film: A THEORY IN SEPIA, 17min,. USA

Directed by Kayleb Lee
A first date is examined through an Asian and American lens sampling larger themes of love within culture, community, and the self.

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Director Biography – Kayleb Lee

Kayleb Lee is an American filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. A Sacramento native, Kayleb started his career as a USMC Combat Veteran and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Los Angeles Film School. He’s the recipient of LACMA’s Veterans Make Movies, Academy Gold, and the Cannes Student Program.

His projects have screens across the globe and won a few awards.

Director Statement

Definitions of love range. Its strength is undefinable. It carries a different power from one person to the next.

However, we live in an emotional wreck of a world that for centuries have decided what love means, in turn, what hatred should be.

What love is or isn’t, isn’t the answer that is sought.

The answer is a question— how do you power love?

Be it the conditions you’ve learned, taught, or… conditioned.

As a subversion to movies which teaches us ‘show don’t tell’ — A story doesn’t end because of conversation. This film is an embrace for emotions— a story where the love has the last laugh.

Therefore, you are invited to this comedy of romantics and to have… conversations.

Director Kayleb Lee

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