BEST SCENE Screenplay – ESCAPE TO PLANET B346, by Thomas Thorpe

WILDsound Festival

Winning Screenplay – ESCAPE TO PLANET B346
Written by Thomas Thorpe


WILLIAM – Dan Cristofori
SIMONE – Jane Hailes
COE – Sean Ballantynea>


Genre: Romance, Drama, LGBT

Attempting the precise flyby of a black hole, untrained survivors of a lethal virus arrive in an uncharted region of our galaxy searching for refuge, but encounter an ancient race intent on eliminating outsiders.

What is your screenplay about?

A transport ship carrying settlers to a distant planet heads towards a black hole. A virus contracted in the Centauri System has wiped out the crew and most of the passengers. Two survivors attempt to navigate the ship, but miss the planned flyby trajectory and end up in an uncharted part of the galaxy. Finally arriving at a habitable planet, William and Elizabeth land in separate escape pods far apart.

William tracks his missing wife, but discovers…

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