On writing cliche stories

Miss Gret

Many people are allergic to cliche storieshowever, most of the time all we get are cliche stories. This is especially true with romance—a good girl falling hopelessly in love with a bad boy, a rich man falling for a poor woman,  a billionaire and his secretary, a gangster—don’t make me start with a gangster! After “She’s dating the gangster!” hit Philippine cinemas in July 2014, Wattpad, a community of writers and readers, has been flooded by a million other titles involving a gangster.  Talking about cliche stories!

I wish I could say I don’t write cliche stories, but I do.  I think cliche stories are not outright bad. In fact, I think one cannot avoid writing a story with an overused plot because in real life the same thing happens again and again. The only problem with cliche stories is if the writer does not add…

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