Director Biography – Eduardo Rufeisen (THE DECISIVE MOMENT)

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Eduardo Rufeisen has international experience producing, directing and leading creative teams and crews. He worked as the Senior Advisor of Advertising for Bosch-Blaupunkt group in Brazil, where he directed ad campaigns for print and TV. As marketing manager of MTV-Brazil, he created advertising campaigns for television and managed the sales accounts. He also worked as producer in charge of budgets and ratings for the Brazilian Television Network, BAND. At the Academy of Art University he was the Director of the Motion Pictures Department and also directed hundreds of scenes and shorts for the acting students portfolios.

Since completing his MBA in Marketing and Advertising in Brazil and his Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) in Motion Pictures and Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Eduardo taught film and television for classes for Foothill College, Menlo College, City College of San Jose, West Valley College and worked as a producer/director for film, television for various clients in Northern California. His films have been screened and awarded in United States, Canada, Germany, England, France, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Brazil.

Currently, he independently produces and directs documentaries, films and animations for his own company.

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Director Statement

My inspiration to write, produce and direct The Decisive Moment, was to explore the inner workings of the creative process, a combination of a cartesian inspiration and a chaotic passion for the work to be done. The French photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson, seemed to have both and the results can be appreciated in his beautiful photographs. In order to represent what I believe was his creative process, I created two characters – Henri and Yvette (also the name of a famous French photographer). Their interactions lead the audience to glimpse into a reveling decisive moment.

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Short FIlm: THE DECISIVE MOMENT, 21min., France, Romance


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The Decisive Moment follows the life of two young photographers living in Paris, Henri and Yvette. They meet in an art school and become fascinated with each other in very different styles.

Is the creative process a commitment to analytical reason or to passionated inspiration?

The film is a homage to the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was able to combine analytical mind and intuition in his photographs in the spare of a moment, a Decisive Moment.

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Director Biography – Emmanual Fordjour (I’M PRESS)

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Director Emmanuel Fordjour grew up in Staten Island, New York. After completing college, he moved to Southern California to further his education in filmmaking. During this time, Emmanuel directed a few shorts, including, “ATAP” an acronym for All Things Are Possible, and co-directed and produced “Figure”. He also worked on a feature length film “White On Rice” as 2nd Camera and DIT (Digital Imaging technician), A documentary called “South Central Gospel” as cinematographer.

Since then, Emmanuel has had opportunities to work for world-renowned creative directors including Danny Clinch and Jesse Dylan. While working for both, he learned first hand how to work and interact with acclaimed stars including Mathew McConaughey, Harrison Ford, Ben Ford, Jim Marshall, Ryan Adams and many.

Now as the founder of MannySkillz Filmz, Emmanuel has directed, produced, shot and edited over 40 music videos, short films, documentary, corporate video and more. Currently, Emmanuel is working towards his MFA (Master of Fine Arts) while he waits to resume production in 2020.

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Short Film: I’M PRESS, 9mim., USA, Romance/Comedy


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Presly Jones, a beautiful yet insecure environmentalist goes on her first date in a very long time. With the help of her best friends, Presly gets two ear fulls of advice during the date and soon realizes the extra assistance may be more problematic than depending on herself alone.

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Short Film: OUR FATHER, 15min., USA, Drama/Romance

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Based on the director’s Jewish mother’s romantic relationship with a priest, OUR FATHER is a modern story of forbidden love. After her husband asks for a divorce, Darlene seeks solace from someone who can’t give her what she needs most.

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1st Scene ROMANCE Festival Script Reading: The Mess We’re In, by Carolyn Lawrence

In a small town in Georgia, Lily takes her nephew Finn to audition for a mini-series that will be shot there in the coming weeks. While waiting, local, Eli, approaches them, hassling Lily and showing his disapproval for Finn wanting to be in the show.


Narrator: Allison Kampf
LILY : Hannah Ehman
FINN : Allan Michael Brunet

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Winning ROMANCE SHORT Screenplay Reading: Zebra Cakes, by Aditi Sridhar

ZEBRAS CAKES is a 10-minute short film centered around Agni Reddy, a family-oriented, fiery (literally, her name means fire), Indian American. Set in the 2010s, she has been childhood friends with Zain Imrani, the Pakistani Muslim boy in her third-grade class who she encounters and accepts a Zebra Cake from.


Narrator: Allison Kampf
Zain: Shawn Devlin
Agni: Victoria Urquart
Farah: Alicia Ryan
Siddarth/Sonali/Gautam: Sean Ballantyne

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My Top 5 Favorite Dance Romance Movies! — Azaaa Davis | Author of Fantasy Novels

My top 5 favorite dance romance movies!

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10 Cool TV shows filmed in Toronto you can binge on — kasiawrites

Toronto has appeared in many movies often as a set for other cities. Here are 10 shows filmed in Toronto you can binge on that will make you want to visit!

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