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Rediscovering the story through rewriting

Originally posted on Tammie Andrena:
I’m in the middle of rewriting the first draft of the Cloud Sisters book one, Enchanting Elodie. The experience of writing this book has been the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time. Writing…

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On writing cliche stories

Originally posted on Miss Gret:
Many people are allergic to cliche stories; however, most of the time all we get are cliche stories. This is especially true with romance—a good girl falling hopelessly in love with a bad boy, a rich…

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March 2017 ROMANCE Stories, Screenplays, and Short Films

Submit your Romance Screenplay Festival:   NOVEL Transcript Reading – BRIAR EARTH March 2017 ReadingWritten by Paul Tapp ROMANCE BEST SCENE Screenplay – TURN THE TABLES March 2017 ReadingWritten by Dale Baker and Herschel Medlin SHORT Screenplay – PEN … Continue reading

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ROMANCE Short Film of the Day: Plan B-Positive, by Elizabeth Buck

PITCH: Title: Plan B-Positive Written by: Elizabeth Buck Type: Short Screenplay Genre: Comedy, Paranormal, Romance Logline: A cynical but idealistic vampiress, who has a tendency of killing her love interests, is caught up in a revenge ploy when her ex-girlfriend … Continue reading

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ROMANCE TV PILOT of the Day: Tachyonic Changes, by Varun Dhakne

PITCH: Title: Tachyonic Changes Written by: Varun Dhakne Type: TV PILOT Genre: Sci-fi, Mystery, Romance Logline: Tachyonic changes is a sci-fi, mystery, romance about a lonely depressed old man who invents a device which can help him to reunite with … Continue reading

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ROMANCE Feature Film of the Day: Purpose-Driven, by Erika Kovacs

PITCH: Title: Purpose-Driven Written by: Erika Kovacs Type: Feature Film Genre: Romance, Drama Logline: “Purpose-Driven” is a romantic drama about a brilliant young woman determined to undergo a globally opposed brain-to-brain interface with her dog in order to find her … Continue reading

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