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ROMANCE Short Film of the Day: Ratri, by Krishnendu Sain

PITCH: Title: Ratri Written by: Krishnendu Sain Type: Short Screenplay Genre: Romance, Drama Logline: Ratri-an untold story of a girl is a dilemma between love and life. It’s a complete romantic flick between two strangers. But the love between then … Continue reading

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ROMANCE TV PILOT of the Day: Will Date Won’y Date, by Stuart Wheeldon

PITCH: Title: Will Date Won’y Date Written by: Stuart Wheeldon Type: TV PILOT Genre: Comedy, Romance Logline: The ultimate ‘will they, won’t they’ romantic comedy series where lovelorn singles seek out their perfect mate with aid of their ‘will-date-won’t-date’ dating … Continue reading

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ROMANCE Feature Film of the Day: ANGEL DOWN, by Ursula Wessels

PITCH: Title: ANGEL DOWN Written by: Ursula Wessels Type: Feature Script Genre: Supernatural action thriller / romance Logline: Angel Kael goes to earth to rescue his “fallen” brother and save the kingdom of heaven but then discovers his true identity … Continue reading

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Reblog/Post: “How To Write Better Stories: Action”

Originally posted on Bound By Rosie:
Chapter 9, 10 & 11 of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets teaches us a lot about great storytelling – and I was no J.K. Rowling fan when this started!   Chapter 9…

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Genre Police! Relying on Genre Terms in Werewolf Romance

I’ve been bringing my werewolf romance novel to a weekly writing group. Young adjuncts, stay-at-home mom’s, science professors, and recent retirees make up just some of the members, writing everything from religious poetry to YA to thriller. They’re smart people…

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Writing the Love Scene after a Break-up

He left town on a Saturday morning, three weeks ago. That afternoon I sat down to write the grand love scene: in which the fated werewolf mates claim each other forever and ever. I was sad but had accepted the…

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The Truth About Edits

Originally posted on Capri Montgomery:
I actually don’t like editing. I do it because it needs to be done but I really hate doing it. Why? The short (not so short) answer is that once I finish writing a book…

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Rediscovering the story through rewriting

Originally posted on Tammie Andrena:
I’m in the middle of rewriting the first draft of the Cloud Sisters book one, Enchanting Elodie. The experience of writing this book has been the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time. Writing…

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On writing cliche stories

Originally posted on Miss Gret:
Many people are allergic to cliche stories; however, most of the time all we get are cliche stories. This is especially true with romance—a good girl falling hopelessly in love with a bad boy, a rich…

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March 2017 ROMANCE Stories, Screenplays, and Short Films

Submit your Romance Screenplay Festival:   NOVEL Transcript Reading – BRIAR EARTH March 2017 ReadingWritten by Paul Tapp ROMANCE BEST SCENE Screenplay – TURN THE TABLES March 2017 ReadingWritten by Dale Baker and Herschel Medlin SHORT Screenplay – PEN … Continue reading

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